The Garden

Going to the community garden was one of the best decisions I made upon arriving in Adelaide's inner city. It allowed me to meet a group of lovely, eccentric, and uncommonly smart people. Where else can you have conversations about depression, wayward children, and Mexican cooking, along with fruit tree rescue advice from the Fruit Tree Goddess, zucchini fertilization lessons (embarrassing, as you have to physically help them do it), and a complete course on composting? The South West community garden definitely is the coolest of the cool: it doesn't have fences (we don't believe in them), the tomatoes are tied up with used stockings (good-quality ones, preferably black) for a bit of cheekyness, the company is always, always exquisite, as well as very progressive, we stage impromptu welcoming ceremonies for forlorn lemon trees, and we simply have plenty of sub-committees, including some where website designing issues are debated with much heat.

And we grow stuff, of course. Anyone can pick it.

We even have an epic poem.